Meditation SunshiYogane Coast QLD small groups private lessons

Yoga and Meditation in the Sunshine Coast

Yoga Meditation Sunshine Coast QLD small groups private lessons

The private yoga and meditation classes are fully dedicated to assisting students in reaching their personal goals on and off the yoga mat.  It is about preparing the mind and body to develop a consistent meditation practice. The classes have 1.5 hours duration at the most convenient location for the students.

Yoga Meditation Sunshine Coast QLD small groups private lessons

Like Water Yoga style

The yoga and meditation class connects mindfulness presence, physical movements with spiritual depth. With a mix of balanced gentle flowing poses at a slow and controlled pace, the awareness is brought to body alignment through the breath. A variety of breathing exercises are taught to both calm and stimulate energy levels. The yoga and meditation classes are suitable for all practitioner levels.

Corporate classes

Enterprises willing to offer a health and wellness program for their staff will encounter more motivate and engaged professionals towards their work activities. Classes empower work peers relationships, relaxation and general wellbeing.


Yoga Students Testimonials

Thanks so much for an amazing retreat. I enjoyed connecting with you in such a natural setting, doing what I love, yoga!

Attending Diogo’s yoga retreat was a breath of fresh air. His knowledge of the anatomy of the body and poses is exceptional, but it was the way he led the class that really struck me. With his instruction, I was able to come into the pose gently and safely, with no rush, and could really soften and breathe before moving on to the next. The ease of the practices was beautiful, yet my body had been opened and my muscles strengthened. It was that perfect balance of yin and yang energy, and I felt I could go deeper in my asana practice than normal. Diogo is an amazing teacher and a beautiful soul.

Nikki Dawkins (The Yoga Travel Company – Kangaroo Valley Retreat)


Diogo is the first yoga instructor I have ever had. He is so excellent, inspiring and attentive in his teaching that ever since I have deepened my yoga practice on a regular basis. I fondly remember his attentive instructions, his passion for teaching and his respect for the yoga philosophy that he inspired in me to follow my own passion in life. I am sure that he certainly will keep inspiring all his present and future students.

Dr Erika Zardin (Walking on Clouds)


I didn´t really enjoy yoga when I first started attending classes but I knew that I really wanted to practice it. That is when I found Diogo and it all changed. He was the first teacher to introduce me to yoga in a connecting mind body spirit experience and I loved it from then on. I went on to practice prenatal and postnatal yoga and found it to be the most rewarding during pregnancy and early motherhood. I´m glad Diogo’s style of teaching, breath work exercises and meditation guidance started my wonderful yoga journey.

Odette Oliveira (Sydney Corporate Park)